Life of StreetFlags

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Flagmakers’ Streeflags are made from a polyester knit material designed to maximise the durability of the image and the flag in low-to-medium windy and high UV conditions.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accurately define the expected life of a flag in terms of weeks or months. Many variables combine to limit the life of a flag, the prime ones being wind velocity, ultra violet light, rain, pollution, and the snagging of flags against sharp objects such as rough light poles.

Streetflags are flown continuously day and night reducing their life when compared to standard flags flown from a flagpole as those can be taken down at night or just flown when needed.

A storm for example with wind speeds that reach over 80kph will place significant stresses on the flag and may cause the fabric to tear.

FlagTrax Street Flags

FlagTrax Streetflags are able to be taken down and re-installed easily and we recommend doing this if storms above 80kph are predicted. This will enhance the life of the flags.

Flag Care

If you are using the flags for a repeating campaign and the flags are still in good condition (i.e. no fabric wear) we recommend washing them in a cold detergent wash. This will remove any pollutants and accumulate dirt and freshen up the image. Note this does not extend the life of the flag. Store them is a dry place until ready to use again.

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