Customised Online Web Ordering Portals

Save all that time and hassle as well as gain greater control over your branded products and promotional collateral.

This is the latest addition to our services that makes procurement dead easy. 

Everyone is assured of getting the right product.

If you have multiple branches or if you are a membership organisation, our OneTouch web ordering portal is going to make life a lot easier for you.  No longer will you have to handle multiple enquiries and collate orders and worry where your branches or members are getting their products from. 

A huge benefit is the control you get over your branded products. You can be assured that anyone ordering us going to receive products that will meet your brand specifications. 

We create a dedicated portal on your behalf with your organisations branding and your branches or members can order your approved products at the click of a button - ir you can simply use this yourself as your secure ordering portal. 

Don't worry, we have options for procurement control:

  1. Centralised procurement. Orders are placed by the branch or member then approved by Head Office

  2. Decentralised procurement. Branches or members order and pay individually. 

Payment Options

There are multiple payment options from credit card to direct debit to on account.

Custom Portal For You

Flagmakers can create a dedicated web portal for you often for a small establishment fee or even free of charge depending on the type of arrangement. 

We can update products and pricing 'on the fly' and provide reporting in who has ordered what.

We can also tie the portal into any promotions you are running. 

We already have a number of national clients on board from real estate, vehicle servicing and retailers.